Containers and equipment for water disinfection.

When water quality matters, Pinnacle residential water filtration systems deliver. Featuring Pentair’s patented Fleck technology and backed by superior after-sales support, Pinnacle systems are designed with Canadian families in mind.

The Fleck 2510 AIO Series Residential Iron Filter is designed to eliminate problem levels of iron in your water. Discolored fixtures caused by orange iron staining can be a significant problem in rural water applications. Our AIO series is also designed to oxidize and eliminate the ‘rotten egg’ smell associated with sulfur.

  • High Flow Three Piece Plastic Filter Housings.
  • The Advanced Water Products line of high flow, three-piece design plastic filter housings are ideal for whole home applications.
  • All models are manufactured with the highest-quality FDA and NSF-listed polypropylene and come standard with ring-nut closure design which allows for easier disassembly versus common two-piece designs.

If you require help in determining the level and type filtration required for your particular application, please contact a Pinnacle expert.


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