Introducing Summit Water


CAMBRIDGE, ONTARIO | October 12, 2023

Innovative Water Solutions for a Changing World

Summit Ridge Capital, a Toronto-based private equity firm, is pleased to announce the formation of Summit Water as a platform for investment in the water industry.

Summit Water brings together three businesses: Net Zero Water, Interpump Supply, and Pinnacle Water Treatment.  Net Zero Water is a leader in the design and manufacture of commercial rainwater re-use systems.  Interpump distributes pumps and water equipment for residential, commercial, municipal and industrial markets.  Pinnacle Water Treatment designs and assembles advanced water treatment systems.

“Water supply and water quality are at the heart of sustainable development as we face the challenges of infrastructure deficits, population growth, and climate change”, says Shane Wright, Summit Water CEO.  “Summit Water brings together experts in the design, engineering and manufacturing of water systems to provide innovative solutions for businesses and communities.  Summit Water will pursue growth organically and through acquisitions as it builds on this platform.”

Summit Water is headquartered in Cambridge, Ontario.

About Summit Ridge Capital:

Summit Ridge Capital is a Toronto-based private equity firm that acquires and actively manages mid-market companies.

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